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Birthdate:Jul 22
I'm a perpetually out-of-it ex-student from Maryland who works as a web programmer but ideally wants to be a writer (if I could finish anything, and if I didn't think writing as a career would turn my love of writing into WORK). My nickname is Chaos for a reason.

I am currently insane enough to have bought a house that constantly needs something to be replaced while trying to figure out a new position with people higher up than me who don't know what they're doing. (Also, I have this gigantic backlog of Things to Work On and an addiction to LJ RP.) If you're gonna contact me to ask "Why haven't you updated (insert page or fic here)?" ...THERE'S YOUR ANSWER. :)

There are people who constantly see things in terms of the big picture, and those who have to put all the little details together one at a time. My life is in the details, the minutiae, the little pieces of the puzzle. It sometimes makes me feel petty, but I can't always focus on the grander scope. I try to step back and take a look at the Big Picture for anything - be it an assignment, an issue, an argument - and the vertigo knocks me out of whack. I need to break things down into smaller pieces before I can put it all back together.

Oh, and I like cheese. :)


1) [info]mandichaos is also me, it's a separate journal I used to use for personal rambling. I've been saying I'm going to phase it out for like six years now and haven't because I don't want to delete a lot of the posts I made there (like the Bridget Saga).
2) Death, War ([info]jennies), Plague, Pestilence ([info]debrika), Fate ([info]blue_soulfire), Innocence ([info]indigoangelcat) and Pain are my friends from college. I'm Chaos. Just so you know.
3) This journal is partially friends-only. That is, posts dealing with Real Life are friends-locked, but fannish posts and some exceptions will still be public. Which is why it looks like I only post every once in a blue moon.
4) Also, the network at work blocks LiveJournal now, so 80% of my computer time is spent in the Land of No LJ. Again, this explains the lack of frequent updates. Hey, if I've been at a computer all day, I'm not going to immediately sit down at the computer when I get home...
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