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Title: A Kindness Repaid (AO3 link) by [ profile] potboy

Canon: Marvel Movieverse
Characters: Steve Rogers, Loki
Rating: T (for below warnings)
Relationships: Steve and Loki friendship (point of the whole fic)
Warnings: Rape/Non-con in Chapter 1, mentions thereafter
Summary: "Written for a norsekink prompt: Loki is abused in the Avengers' custody, Steve is horrified and tries to comfort him. As a result the two become friends. (Though when Loki is involved nothing is quite that simple.)"

Steve laughed, though it was likely enough. "Don’t give me a perhaps," he said. "Give me the truth."

"The truth?" Loki arched a winged black brow at him, amused.

"A truth, then, if the whole of it is too complicated."

"Oh, good answer. Very well then. This truth is that when you burst in, that day, I expected violence, or pity, contempt, or fear. But you gave me none of those things. You gave me understanding, and that I had never encountered before. I liked it. I would have more, if you have it to offer."

"You want to be friends?" Steve asked, incredulous and disturbed, not sure if he’d followed Loki’s meaning, but also worryingly flattered if he had.

"You could put it that way."

Why I'm recommending this: Dude. The excerpt doesn't do it justice, but everything else was too much of a spoiler. This is an absolutely brilliant and fascinating character study that actually explores the pitfalls of Steve and Loki becoming friends while staying totally true to both characters. Loki and his host of Issues aren't toned down in the slightest, and yet the friendship finally works and the ending made me cry.

You know, eventually I will use my rec journal. Eventually. XD
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