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For those not in the know, [ profile] patrickat posted the G2007 Radio Play on YouTube, broken up into five parts: Chapters 3-5 of "Gargoyles: Clan Building." I recommend checking it out if you missed the con: for Emambu doing three huge parts, for Revel's take on Foghorn Leghorn the Judge, for Thom Adcox's reading of Brentwood that had us all ON THE FLOOR, and for a generally awesome cast. Oh, and Carmine and I are in there too.

Patrick, thank you for recording it.

Part 1 - Cast Introductions and Greg's Foreword
Part 2 - Chapter Three Start
Part 3 - Chapter Three End, Chapter Four Start
Part 4 - Chapter Four End, Chapter Five Start
Part 5 - Chapter Five End

Yeah, I know, I owe more of the con report, but this was easier to link.

(And don't forget G2008 in Chicago!)
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This part of the con report was composed in fits and starts while working on something else. Just to warn you all.

Also, the Blue Mug was on Saturday, so that part of this journal goes past the PG-13 rating, for those who care.

EDIT 10 pm EST: Did manage to get some quotes from the videos I taped during the Blue Mug. Which isn't bad for AVIs recorded by a digital camera.

Saturday, June 23rd: Greg Weisman is Not a Numbers Guy )

Again, if I got something wrong, let me know, I'm fixing these before I post them to Ask Greg. Check again, I just added new quotes to the Blue Mug!
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Okay, more of the con report. I didn't take extensive quotes this year, but you know what? Maybe that'll permit me to actually FINISH this one. If I ran into you and I left you out, please comment and remind me, I'm not posting this to Ask Greg til it's done.

Friday, June 22: 'Bad Guys is Love.' )
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Okay, I'm going to take a crack at my G2007 con journal NOW rather than wait on it. Since I didn't have much of a brain for remembering quotes, and because I came back to work to find a landslide (and a retirement party/excuse to play volleyball after lunch, thank GOD), this might be less verbose and rambling than usual.

...oh, what am I saying? But I'll try to be concise.

A quick preface )

Thursday, June 21, 2007: Preparing for takeoff )

More later.


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