Feb. 19th, 2008 12:20 pm
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Okay, so, I have officially FAILED at the PW playthrough. Aside from that first case, I honestly haven't had the time or been able to justify taking the time to pick up my DS at all, much less replay any of the cases these past two weeks. The public posts that you've seen the past 2 weeks? All the posts I've made here, period.

Work has been non-stop crazy, and school... well, I've been putting in more hours than I should in trying to get assignments done. The last homework should NOT have taken a total of 12 hours to get done (especially since half of that was spent trying to find a real-world case of search engine manipulation or something done to prevent it - everything's theoretical and none of the papers let you know if it's been done in practice).

I'm not complaining. Things haven't been bad, just... ridiculously busy. I need to reorganize my time management again because this semester's class is nowhere NEAR as structured as the last two and estimating how much time deliverables will take isn't as easy. Work is also weird, but I'll get into that later.

I have been using the "not dead" tag WAY TOO MUCH LATELY.
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OKAY. There was supposed to be a day's late commentary here due to yesterday's EPIC HEADACHE.

The wrong keystroke combination just deleted the WHOLE THING. So: bullet points!

Now if this gets nuked, I'm just going to skip it entirely. )

...and I'm going to post this before I accidentally nuke it.
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Since I'm the only Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney fan among my LJ friends that I know of and if not, hey, let me know!, I'm going to post a sort of warning:

I'm going to attempt to take part in the Ace Attorney countdown playthrough for the hell of it even though I deny half the events of Game 4. I'll be LJ-cutting my rambling and I also don't expect to make it more than a few days; the only way I could justify doing this was because I'm not allowed to do the playthroughs til after I've finished my class readings. (Given how dry some readings are... yeah.)

So, any posts of mine with this tag can be ignored as you won't understand 90% of what's behind the cuts and there will be rampant spoilers anyway.


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