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I don't trust Sandy to not take the power out while I'm composing it.

Work was closed today and is shut down tomorrow too, and apparently the worst of it is passing by soon. Thank GOD the pine tree by the power lines was taken down on Tuesday!

Recap tomorrow, covering cake decorating and the PA Ren Faire and other random stuff, assuming we don't lose power/get power back by then. I just got my computer back and intact, I'm not risking it.

Stay safe, everyone.
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The "I ♥ New York" slogan is more appropriate than ever right now. :)
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Home again from Greece in one piece.

Between 1 am Saturday morning and now, I slept for two hours in Toronto airport, and still need to stay awake for the next eight hours at least. Just turned the AC on in the house and it's slowly cooling off.

May post later tomorrow. The idea of going to spend some time in a nice air-conditioned theater to finally see Toy Story 3 is looking more and more appealing by the minute...
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All -

If you get two-month or more old messages from me on e-mail, I'm sorry. Guess who just looked at her Drafts folder and was horrified to find over a dozen e-mails I thought I actually sent months ago.

On a totally unrelated note, I am in search of good Christmas cookie recipes. Preferably some that aren't too complicated. Mom and I are going to break in her new kitchen the weekend after next. (Okay, she's had it a year now, but I maintain a kitchen hasn't been broken in til you've subjected it to Christmas cookie baking madness.)

Anyone? ;)
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A few months ago, in response to a drag racing accident, the State Highway Administration thought it'd be a great idea to turn a three-lane expressway taking in traffic from two on-ramps into a one-lane bottleneck with NO MERGE AREA WHATSOEVER. As you can guess, there were a few fender-benders and I got nervous taking that way home - it was like taking my life in my hands every time I tried to merge onto the one-lane bottleneck that would reopen into three lanes less than a fourth of a mile later. Way to hit the overkill button, people.

Yesterday afternoon, I took that way home again and found out that common sense had prevailed.



Jul. 11th, 2009 11:02 am
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After four years, ladies and gentlemen, I have a working dishwasher.

Man, it's nice to be able to see my counter after I cook something more complicated than a microwave meal.

This riveting post brought to you in part by my Mom, who is awesome and came down to plumber-sit so I could go to work on Friday. Love you, Mom.
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Okay, con journal is still pending. Work is INSANE since we all just hit the "ohshitwe'regonnadie" homestretch. Also, my cell phone vanished last night, and after finally concluding it was lost/broken/stolen (I called it, and it was turned off. I never shut it off and the battery was good), ran around trying to find and activate my old phone for the month remaining on my contract.

Also, picked up Blue Beetle #28. ...I am once again grateful that Will Pfeifer is NOT the regular writer. Not going to go into details, but I don't think anybody was in character, and I saw the big "twist" coming miles away. Also, the resolution? Was ridiculous. Seriously, Jaime was a hell of a lot more in character in his Manhunter cameo and that wasn't even his own book!

Sturges had better be good. I realize John Rogers is a tough act to follow, but after the two months of Pfeifer-penned suck I'm missing his work on this title even more. If the quality continues to go downhill, I might actually drop the book.

Anyway, back to fighting with image uploads now.


Mar. 2nd, 2008 04:25 pm
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Okay, so it's 4:30 pm and I'm finally coherent enough to form a sentence.

Flogging Molly was awesome. Actual recap will commence later after I raid the grocery store.

ETA to [ profile] jennies iTunes has the live rendition of "Delilah" - just FYI.
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I'm gonna go see Flogging Molly today at Ram's Head! Woot!

...and of course I can't find my copy of Drunken Lullabies anywhere to get it signed. Oh well.


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