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I think I've posted this everywhere else, but I have to plug this video any chance I get. This is totally our D&D group (although Marc is a little more forgiving because it takes us too long to roll up new characters).


Okay, now I am really going to bed.
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I haven't commented on Gary Gygax's death because, well, everyone's done so more eloquently than me.

But my favorite tribute so far has to be Order of the Stick. So I'm just going to link it here.
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Okay, so - more catching up. Here, what I wanted to post this time last week.

Namely, stuff from the last D&D session, complete with the most insane Best. Resurrection. Ever:

(The following is cut for sheer length, dice-rolling, crazy ideas and repeated decapitation.)

'I rolled an 18 to kill the DM.' 'I'm thinking that's a miss. You might want to save against death.' )

I really only think the DM allowed it because the notion amused him so much.
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Talked to a friend of mine who works in the same complex as me; he tried biking to work last week, a seven-mile trip.

He didn't have any trouble in the "bad" neighborhoods getting through; traffic was considerate to the guy on the bike, he didn't have any encounters with pedestrians. But in the more affluent, mostly white neighborhoods, he had an asshole swerving towards him, pretending to be trying to hit him and laughing, and a kid throwing rocks at him. (Yeah, he's white too.)

Food for thought.


I didn't notice this until recently, but on my way home from work (if I go the back way) I pass by the "International Society for Krishna Consciousness."



Oh, and overheard at D&D, but not correctly quoted since I didn't write quotes down:

EDIT: Fixed and added quotes since [ profile] jennies has a better memory than me.

You're going to have to go to the cleric for that. )

Next time, I'm definitely taking note of more than just the running tally on how many hit points the 18 hobgoblins have left. :)
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So, busy weekend. Took me three days to put this post together, so the week's shaping up to be about the same.

Dept. picnic was fun and about as insane as the pre-picnic games predicted; DASSD won the trophy and things devolved into a water balloon assault that I nearly missed out on (but forgot my jacket, so I caught the tail end of it when I came back). I work with crazy people. It's fun.

Friday night, I went to see Serenity and was quite pleased to see that the theater in Westview was more than half full. I will now ramble - so beware of big damn spoilers! )

I stuck around and went to Frederick in the Streets with the gang on Saturday - it was fun and we ate too much and I picked up some Christmas gifts. Jen also discovered that the British imports store had Maynards sours! *does the dance of joy* I haven't been able to find those since I was in Dublin. In the Streets was fun, but it seemed smaller than the last few times I'd been to it, probably because they still had the Carroll Creek park walkways cordoned off. I seem to remember the street vendors extending their reach down along the creek on both sides of Market Street at the end. With that blocked off, the south end of Market seemed kind of packed in.

Then we played D&D, and, well... I didn't expect our campaign to end like THAT.

'Screw you guys, I'm out of here!' )

Still on the quest for electrical estimates. Electrician #1 is currently winning. Electrician #2 quoted me a much higher total price (and I've been trying to get a breakdown from him), and Electrician #3 got the wrong time his first try getting out to my place, and was supposed to e-mail me an estimate on Friday - but despite me politely calling him to remind him on Monday (and ensure that he had the correct e-mail address), I still haven't gotten anything from him. Electrician #4 will be by on Friday. *sigh* Well, at least I know all the ins and outs of how to potentially get to the wiring in my house now.

Hm. Baby in the next aisle of cubicles over. I think I'll go investigate...
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First off, overheard at D&D last night:

B = the Lawful Good cleric
T = the Lawful Good druid
G = the Chaotic Neutral fighter
DM = the DM

(meeting up with the druid)

T: "Where are you headed?"
G: "There's a Hooters on Route 28."

(T flips through druid's handbook, shows picture of scantily-clad female druid)
T: "Would that be me?"
G: "Okay, I'll listen to you now."

(after a battle with scorpions)
DM: "Morning comes."
G: "I get a towel."

(cleaning up scorpions)
DM: "I just saved us 20 pounds' worth of tail." (laughter) "Okay, that came out wrong."
B (to me): "You've got to write that one down."

Also, I just saw the latest JLU, and I'm about to spoil the ending behind the cut...

WHAT THE???? )

Need to pack. But need to sleep. *sigh* If I had more leave, I'd take time off, since there's very little for me to do at work right now..
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Found more D&D quotes!

Cast )

'Bob, can I squirt your god?' )

Yeah, that's all for today, I swear.
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*yawn* As the title indicates, I need to get more than six hours of sleep a night. Seriously.

While I am still woefully behind on D&D quotes, I figure I might as well throw out the ones I have managed to transcribe.

J = War ([ profile] jennies), the Chaotic Evil cleric
DM = Vengeance, running the game
Mk = the Chaotic Neutral barbarian
B = the Neutral Good cleric
T = B's wife, technically playing his character's deity
D = Pestilence, the Lawful Good paladin
G = the Chaotic Neutral fighter
K = the Neutral Evil mage
M = Me, technically playing War's deity

Bob the Balrog and Eight-Day Weeks )

And from the most recent campaign...

Skeletor would be too bad-ass for you all. )

Oh, and I got a performance award at work. It's a blue certificate this time! (And there's money involved, too, which makes me happy.)
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Okay. I finally have time to breathe. So, here comes the post I wanted to make WAY back on Monday.

Saturday night, I went and sat in on a D&D campaign at a friend's place, along with [ profile] jennies, who was actually playing. I didn't play a character; I've never done roleplaying before, the main reason being that I know I'd let it suck away all my free time. With these guys, it's entertaining just to watch, and I got a lot of good quotes from the two nights I went. I'd be tempted to play a side character if the DM needed it, since it was amusing enough just to be an observer.

(Anyway, the details that matter:)
J = War ([ profile] jennies), playing a Chaotic Evil cleric (this is relevant
DM = Vengeance, the suffering DM
D = Pestilence, playing a Lawful Good paladin
K = the one other player (Chaotic Evil again) who I got quotes from
M = Me, eating cookies, observing and offering running commentary

Cut to spare the friends list, because there's a lot of quotes. )

That's all for now...


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