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First off: I feel bad for all the people who were taken in by Harold Camping, and I know he's not representative of most Christians. Glad the world is still here.

Second off: On a lighter note, I present one of the best trailers I've seen this year.

Seriously. Watch the whole thing.
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On the heels of a discussion about iTunes, YouTube, Netflix, DRM, satellite radio and the fact that there are once again MTV channels that actually show music videos but nobody really seems to care anymore...

How do high schoolers/middle schoolers currently pick up on popular music? Does anyone actually watch music video channels anymore? Radio? Or is iTunes et al the place to go?

Anyone know? Bueller? Anyone?

Just curious. I haven't picked up on new music by "normal" means in years - I sometimes go back over my playlists and can't recall where I heard of certain bands from or where I got a certain track - so I have no clue.
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Being a fan of point-and-click adventure games, I was pleasantly surprised to find more than a few adapted for the iPhone/iPod. Although it's got me thinking lately: what would happen if you tried to solve problems in real life like you would an adventure game?

For example, say you're a college student and need to meet your friends for a class project on campus in the library, but you get locked out without your ID or books. Instead of just going to Security or calling a friend, to solve your problem you'd have to engage in random conversations with every bystander in the quad, steal from half the buildings on campus and probably wreck somebody's car or computer in the process without getting caught.

Then you'd have to combine three of the items you got into this magic MacGuffin that will reach through a window, retrieve your ID for you, and would have to make a break for the library before someone realizes you were the one who flooded the bookstore.

But having the apparent ability to hold half the possessions of campus and probably a security officer's bike in some kind of personal pocket dimension would be awesome.

In a related note, the "Broken Sword: Director's Cut" game for the iPod Touch is nifty.

You're not seeing double, friends list, I pulled this out of a locked post because it was too silly to lock.

Yes, Mom. Going to bed now. I know you so well. XD


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