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I've gotten into the habit of coming home and totally ignoring the computer since I've been on one all day. At work. Where LJ is evil and will smear the reputation of the agency (or something like that, I don't really read the standard "access denied" message).

So, yeah, this is the first time in three days I've looked at LiveJournal. Fail.

Rather than play catch-up, I have a question for the friends who are in the know. I've been catching up on The Dresden Files, and have made it all the way to Small Favor (after re-reading Dead Beat maybe five times). I even got my hands on "Backup" and the anthology with "Something Borrowed."

I've got Turn Coat as well, but... I know enough about Changes to know that the dreaded cliffhanger is part of it. (And that the title is apparently an understatement. Usually "things will never be the same again" makes me cringe in anticipation, although I think that reaction stems from reading a lot of DC comics in recent years.)

I hate cliffhangers. Hate 'em so, so much. With a passion. Even if I know they're going to be resolved, I don't know how and that's what drives me nuts. Especially when it's hard to get out of the situation without resorting to either incredibly clever (more than me) or incredibly bad writing.

But I've been tearing through this series as fast as I can get each one from the library. I'm still not sure what changed between Fool Moon and Grave Peril to jumpstart my interest in the series, but it's become my current fandom addiction. I know I'll get to the end of Turn Coat and despite my hatred of cliffhangers will be really, really tempted to grab Changes.

Should I stop at Turn Coat and wait til Side Jobs is out before even picking up Changes? Is it worth the cliffhanger?


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