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Okay, now that the apology is finally up on [ profile] news, I'm posting a few final thoughts on the "Strikethrough 2007" debacle. I'll put up a briefer, public version of this; friends-locking it due to tl;dr. Didn't mean this to be so long. EDIT: Oh, heck, I'm just resetting this to public.

First, I am not leaving LiveJournal over this. Don't get me wrong, the Six Apart/LJ staff really handled it badly, but the more I think about it the more I believe that leaving will solve NOTHING. Say that a bunch of us move over to GreatestJournal or DeadJournal or some other blogging site. Who's to say that a few months or years down the road our new stomping grounds won't get so crowded that another screwup like this happens again?

Moving over to another blogging site that hasn't had to learn this lesson the hard way might mean that history could repeat itself. It also makes me think of the discussion I was having with a neighbor the other day: if you suspect your neighborhood may be going downhill, cutting and running may not be beneficial in the long run. You'll just be letting the bad elements move on in, and eventually you'll run out of good "neighborhoods" to run away to if you don't plant your feet and try to work to improve things where you are. If all the good neighbors leave, it just makes it easier for the bad ones to move on in.

Second, my beef with this whole situation is the half-assed way LJ handled complaints. )

So anyway, I still think LJ could have handled things better, but I think it was an accident brought about by the fact that there are so many people on LJ now and not any kind of conspiracy. This sort of fiasco is exactly the kind of incident that makes me realize I shouldn't abandon LJ, if that makes any sense. That may change if this sort of thing repeats itself, but for now I'm going to wait and see, go on with my life, and pay better attention to LJ news.

Although I intend to back up my own journal when I get home from work tonight.


May. 30th, 2007 04:30 pm
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*catches up on friends list*


If I could express the mother of all facepalms here, I would.

(For those not in the know, there's a sudden onslaught of LJ account suspensions - a lot of fandom accounts are being inaccurately reported as being in violation of LJ's TOS, and Six Apart is flailing over liability fears. You can find a detailed information post on the subject here. A lot of the deletions seem to be solely based on interests.)

ETA: Rumor has it that the Warriors For Innocence site (which I am NOT LINKING HERE) is laden with spyware. If you go through the informational posts, avoid going to that site.


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