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Well, I don't have anything else set up, but I'm now registered for Morphicon.

So that's one step taken!

Hopefully I'll hear back from certain people before Otakon insanity devours my attention span next week...
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1. These kind of lists are easier to do than con reports.

2. Whoever came up with the idea of scanning registration barcodes at pre-reg pickup is a genius - assuming that's why there was no pre-reg wait at all this year.

3. Something like Gargoyles gets more attention than the latest, hottest new anime at Otakon. I got a dozen comments on my Gargoyles shirt on Sunday.

4. One of the main things that drains your energy at the con - other than traversing the length of the convention center back and forth ad nauseam - is the sweltering heat. I'm pretty sure the lack of humidity is why I had so much energy this year.

5. If you aren't participating in or personally invested in the Masquerade, it's probably worth skipping. We sat through 40 skits waiting for two members of X Japan to play for five minutes. Maybe five of the skits were decent, and the rest... well, even though I got more of the jokes than Deb I was sitting there going "what." The actual costume contest was fascinating, but the skits, man, the skits... This year was my first and last Masquerade. Seriously.

6. "Voice Actors after Dark" is totally worth waiting in line for the 18+ wristband. (Question: "What's your favorite porn?" Scott Freeman's first answer: "The Twilight Saga." ♥)

7. Fire alarms suck. Whoever apparently pulled the fire alarm at 2 pm on Saturday really sucks. (Heard it was a grease fire, but then the official word is that it was a false alarm, so...) I'm utterly impressed at how quickly the staff cleared out the entire freaking convention center at 2 pm on Saturday, don't get me wrong, but it pretty much screwed up a lot of people's plans. I wound up missing the Ace Attorney photoshoot and the meetup I was supposed to be organizing since I didn't manage to get back in the convention center til almost 4.

7b. I am, however, impressed that having to empty out and shut down the BCC for about an hour didn't completely torch the Saturday afternoon schedule.

8. The last case of Ace Attorney Investigations is truly the case that never ever ends. Dude, I thought the last case of Apollo Justice was bad! On the other hand, that made it very handy to have while waiting in lines.

9. Otakon isn't half as fun if you don't go with friends. We were two people short this year and their absence was felt. (I know why you guys didn't come. Still missed you.)

10. Trying to do Otakon on the fly doesn't always work. I lucked out this year, but... they've already opened up hotel room booking for next year. Oh, come on, guys, you couldn't wait a week so that some of us could plan? Good Lord.


Jul. 29th, 2010 06:49 pm
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Otakon pre-reg pickup took five minutes.


After a three-hour wait last year, there was no line.


And now I'm home and I have free time because I expected to be back at 11. Weird. :)

*twiddles thumbs*


Aug. 21st, 2008 05:22 pm
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Actually returned from Otakon last Sunday night, but was swept up in the Monday Clean Sweep of Doom (it was necessary ilu Mom and Chris), work craziness, and then the 48-hour sinus migraine that screwed me up at work. Because if a programmer can't look at a computer screen without pain, work will not get done. And then school-related crazy.

So without further ado...

Everything I Needed to Know I Learned From Otakon, Or, Lessons I Will Probably Forget Next Year Anyway )

And just in case that sounded too negative...
Reminders Why Otakon is Still a Blast )

More later.
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Okay, I actually got home late Monday night, but Tuesday was a catchup day at home and Wednesday was a catchup day at work (and the evening was taken up by a very nice surprise IRL). I have about two weeks' worth of rambling to catch up on, and I'm cheating. These catchup posts will be public so I can link them to non-LJ users who I owe updates to, because I'm not going to want to rewrite them several times.

I really wanted to do my Otakon write up in "Movies in Fifteen Minutes" style, but that would ironically take too long and over a week later my memory of the con is no longer as fresh as it once was. (And yes, I owe more of my G2007 writeup - thank GOD I privately posted an outline or I'd be in trouble.) So instead, here's the more traditional rundown - the first part, anyway, because I can't be concise. Ever.

I can't come up with a creative cut tag. So there. But I need one because Thursday/Friday is going to be LONG! )


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