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Talked to a friend of mine who works in the same complex as me; he tried biking to work last week, a seven-mile trip.

He didn't have any trouble in the "bad" neighborhoods getting through; traffic was considerate to the guy on the bike, he didn't have any encounters with pedestrians. But in the more affluent, mostly white neighborhoods, he had an asshole swerving towards him, pretending to be trying to hit him and laughing, and a kid throwing rocks at him. (Yeah, he's white too.)

Food for thought.


I didn't notice this until recently, but on my way home from work (if I go the back way) I pass by the "International Society for Krishna Consciousness."



Oh, and overheard at D&D, but not correctly quoted since I didn't write quotes down:

EDIT: Fixed and added quotes since [ profile] jennies has a better memory than me.

You're going to have to go to the cleric for that. )

Next time, I'm definitely taking note of more than just the running tally on how many hit points the 18 hobgoblins have left. :)
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Okay, I did say I'd post more of this. And now that I know people are reading it, I can't slack off.

Doing better. The cold has been beaten back, and I got almost all of my security deposit back from the apartment complex in spite of giving up on the apartment. Yay. :)

More importantly, yesterday was [ profile] blue_soulfire's birthday. I wished her happy birthday on e-mail, but tricked myself into thinking I'd posted it here too. Sorry...

Edit: Linking to previous parts because it took me so long to write up each one.
Part 1
Part 2

Anyway, on to Saturday.

Saturday, July 30

Panels and ticket prices, oh my! )

The SLG panel )

Charity Poker Tournament, aka Mandi Goes Crazy With the Quote Book )

Late-night shows and the aftermath )

I promise there will be more to come. :)
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Would have posted this before Otakon, but I only just found the paper that had all the quotes I jotted down. (It was put away in my purse, that's why I didn't find it.) The 13th was the birthday party for Pain and Suffering's little one, so as it turned out, I think the entire SisterHood plus all the Minions were actually together in Fredneck for an hour or two. Hence, quotes. All individuals are "protected" by their nicknames.

'Socks shouldn't have balls.' )
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Good Lord. I meant to be able to post this part on August 11th. Even with getting sidetracked by the pool party and Otakon, I had no idea it'd take this long. I'm almost afraid to see how long Saturday's going to get since this is just Friday's part of the con report - but I couldn't skim over the quotes!

Friday, July 29
Pre-con running around )

I did go to some actual panels, too. )

Opening Ceremonies: 'These are the people with nothing better to do.' )

Blue Mug-A-Guest, which gets its own cut because of its nature )

Geez. Think this was bad? I haven't even gotten to Saturday. :)
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So I pulled into the parking lot at UMBC, half-complaining to myself and half-rehearsing what I was going to tell Dr. K if she gave me a hard time about wanting to take one-class semesters (she didn't), and then I realized I had an audience as another student was walking to her car.

Her: "Are you looking for something?"
Me: "My sanity, actually. Have you seen it?"
Her: *laughs* "No, sorry."
Me: "That's okay, I'm sure I'll find it somewhere."

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First off, overheard at D&D last night:

B = the Lawful Good cleric
T = the Lawful Good druid
G = the Chaotic Neutral fighter
DM = the DM

(meeting up with the druid)

T: "Where are you headed?"
G: "There's a Hooters on Route 28."

(T flips through druid's handbook, shows picture of scantily-clad female druid)
T: "Would that be me?"
G: "Okay, I'll listen to you now."

(after a battle with scorpions)
DM: "Morning comes."
G: "I get a towel."

(cleaning up scorpions)
DM: "I just saved us 20 pounds' worth of tail." (laughter) "Okay, that came out wrong."
B (to me): "You've got to write that one down."

Also, I just saw the latest JLU, and I'm about to spoil the ending behind the cut...

WHAT THE???? )

Need to pack. But need to sleep. *sigh* If I had more leave, I'd take time off, since there's very little for me to do at work right now..
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Found more D&D quotes!

Cast )

'Bob, can I squirt your god?' )

Yeah, that's all for today, I swear.
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*yawn* As the title indicates, I need to get more than six hours of sleep a night. Seriously.

While I am still woefully behind on D&D quotes, I figure I might as well throw out the ones I have managed to transcribe.

J = War ([ profile] jennies), the Chaotic Evil cleric
DM = Vengeance, running the game
Mk = the Chaotic Neutral barbarian
B = the Neutral Good cleric
T = B's wife, technically playing his character's deity
D = Pestilence, the Lawful Good paladin
G = the Chaotic Neutral fighter
K = the Neutral Evil mage
M = Me, technically playing War's deity

Bob the Balrog and Eight-Day Weeks )

And from the most recent campaign...

Skeletor would be too bad-ass for you all. )

Oh, and I got a performance award at work. It's a blue certificate this time! (And there's money involved, too, which makes me happy.)
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Okay. I finally have time to breathe. So, here comes the post I wanted to make WAY back on Monday.

Saturday night, I went and sat in on a D&D campaign at a friend's place, along with [ profile] jennies, who was actually playing. I didn't play a character; I've never done roleplaying before, the main reason being that I know I'd let it suck away all my free time. With these guys, it's entertaining just to watch, and I got a lot of good quotes from the two nights I went. I'd be tempted to play a side character if the DM needed it, since it was amusing enough just to be an observer.

(Anyway, the details that matter:)
J = War ([ profile] jennies), playing a Chaotic Evil cleric (this is relevant
DM = Vengeance, the suffering DM
D = Pestilence, playing a Lawful Good paladin
K = the one other player (Chaotic Evil again) who I got quotes from
M = Me, eating cookies, observing and offering running commentary

Cut to spare the friends list, because there's a lot of quotes. )

That's all for now...
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So I got back to work to find the following things:

1) a couple dozen defects to work through,
2) property file changes out the door,
3) free food served to celebrate a successful process audit (don't ask, it's good)
4) that my team lead, bless her, is having the other MOP handle property files and told me to focus on my defects.


So I spent the entire day trying to figure out what my page processor - part of which had been done by another developer when I got too swamped prior to a build - was really doing.

After 7 hours of staring at it, I finally figured out what was wrong and fixed it.

Only to discover that now something else was wrong, somehow brought on by the other developer's last set of changes.

At that moment, I decided I'd already gotten a credit hour logged and decided it was time to go. (Don't get me wrong, it was actually rewarding in the sense that I figured out what was wrong and fixed it, but it took me way too long to figure out what was up.)

Returned the Philips to Best Buy after work, so again I'm back to VHS recording for the time being. I did see a Toshiba with a hard drive, but the $599 price tag put me off. I'm going to have to do a little more shopping around.

But my VCRs are working fine for now, and since Lost comes on in 20 minutes, I need to prep the tape. And eat my spinach to partly make up for eating dinner out tonight. And do tai chi. And make myself a cup of echinacea tea because while I feel a hell of a lot better, I am not risking a relapse.

Oh, and overheard at today's status meeting:

"When they made me a manager, they removed the bone in my head that requires me to give people a reason." - J
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Highly enjoyable couple of days, and I've been a bit busy. (Reminder, all friends from college are noted by their nicknames.)

Thursday night, D---- spent the night and we went downtown to visit her Mom (who's had to attend classes in B-more all week) and went out to dinner. It was an interesting trip into town; since it was smack in the middle of rush hour when I got out of my class and we met up, we decided to take Route 40 all the way into town. We almost made it the whole way until we hit the Fleet St. turnoff and I got in the wrong lane, but other than that we made it just fine. Must remember this alternative for Otakon 2005 if monsoon season strikes again. Dinner was nice and so was the weather, and we stopped in the Barnes & Noble and I used the last of my gift card on the third Courtney Crumrin TPB. Very nice night, and we crashed at my place and miraculously got out the door and got her to the airport and me to work by 6:45 the next morning.

Saturday, met up with Pain, Pestilence and War ([ profile] jennies) at the Metro to take Pain's little one, J, to the National Zoo. Well, that, and bringing along the two-year-old gave us an excuse not to be mature. Despite a bit of running late and a braindead moment with the Metro fare cards (only I would get the card stuck in the "out" slot!), it was a lovely outing, thanks to the weather and the fact that J really enjoyed it and only had one snit the whole time. The video camera was put to good use, and my quote book got fleshed out a bit:

"I want to go to the monkey house!"
"You really miss your husband, don't you?"
"I'm telling him you said that."
"You say worse to him on a daily basis!"
"What are you talking about? I'm the perfect wife - demure, normal, quiet..."
(hysterical laughter)

(reading a sign)
"'Beware of GLTs.' Giant Land Tomatoes?"

"J___, look at the monkey!"
(J looks over at Pain)
"Not Mommy, monkey!"

(Desperately trying to change a diaper in a corner of the bird house)
"Move along, move along, this isn't an exhibit."

"You're a heavy child! And I can say that because you're young enough for it not to incur emotional trauma."

(back at the ranch, trying to get the little one's PJs on)
"It never fails - when you're running around naked, the pizza guy shows up."

So we left the zoo around 4, with all of us dead tired, and took the Metro back and crashed at Pestilence and Vengeance's place, ate pizza and watched DVDs and I drove Pain home. Lots of fun, although I didn't get back until very late.

Sunday afternoon was spent with Mom - we went out to lunch, hit a few stores, and just got to hang out. Which is nice, especially since I haven't gone to visit in a while. (I haven't had time.) Mom, if you have trouble logging into LJ one afternoon to see friends-locked entries, call me, okay?

And now it's after 10, and I need to be at work by 6:30. Yay. Wish me luck. :)
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*pokes head up*

Recovering from a weekend with the rest of the SisterHood. Kind of annoyed that they made me get my butt home today and took on the task of taking Plague home. I mean, I'm glad I don't have to drive seven hours today, but I know I'm missing out on much random silliness...

(War, if you read this, CORRECT ME. I left the damn quote book either at your place or at the theater. And add what I missed.)
Why I need to bring a tape recorder when we get together. )

I wish I could find my notebook.

More later when I'm coherent.


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