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Okay, I did say I'd post more of this. And now that I know people are reading it, I can't slack off.

Doing better. The cold has been beaten back, and I got almost all of my security deposit back from the apartment complex in spite of giving up on the apartment. Yay. :)

More importantly, yesterday was [ profile] blue_soulfire's birthday. I wished her happy birthday on e-mail, but tricked myself into thinking I'd posted it here too. Sorry...

Edit: Linking to previous parts because it took me so long to write up each one.
Part 1
Part 2

Anyway, on to Saturday.

Saturday, July 30

Panels and ticket prices, oh my! )

The SLG panel )

Charity Poker Tournament, aka Mandi Goes Crazy With the Quote Book )

Late-night shows and the aftermath )

I promise there will be more to come. :)
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Good Lord. I meant to be able to post this part on August 11th. Even with getting sidetracked by the pool party and Otakon, I had no idea it'd take this long. I'm almost afraid to see how long Saturday's going to get since this is just Friday's part of the con report - but I couldn't skim over the quotes!

Friday, July 29
Pre-con running around )

I did go to some actual panels, too. )

Opening Ceremonies: 'These are the people with nothing better to do.' )

Blue Mug-A-Guest, which gets its own cut because of its nature )

Geez. Think this was bad? I haven't even gotten to Saturday. :)
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Okay, here's the first part of the Gathering 2005 con report I promised. I only took notes for Friday, Saturday and Sunday - bad Mandi, no biscuit - so it'll be a bit disjointed.

This year's primary lesson - When attending a con in a place like Vegas, take off an ENTIRE WEEK. Five and a half days is not enough. Also, to everyone else who was there, if I drove you nuts playing with my hair, sorry. It's already a long-standing nervous habit, and the day before I left, I got fed up with my hair and had it chopped back to chin-length - about three inches shorter, which made the tendency even worse than usual.

Tuesday, July 26th

Or, the Day Mandi Went Crazy. )

Wednesday, July 27

Whee, time zones! )

Thursday, July 28

'Hey, people I haven't seen since last year!' *glomp* )

Next: The actual con begins, and I have notes to work off of instead of trying to rely on my Swiss-cheese memory. :)


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