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Brain, why are you trying to cross over Mystic Force and Chrono Trigger? Why?

(Pointing out similarities between Frog and Daggeron is not an answer, thanks.)

This was most likely brought to you by my recent PR marathon and laughing at
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So I was going to post about the creative blahs I've been in for the past 2 weeks.

Then Deb and I sat down today to get caught up on all the Season 4 episodes of Leverage we've missed, up to the season finale.


Also, without spoiling it: So before Eliot's first kill, he was Captain America and after that he became Batman?
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And aside from the prompt I'm still working on (which has taught me that I'm not concise enough to do a five things fic), this snippet just came out of nowhere. I have no idea what to do with it and The Avengers is going to probably Joss it. (Literally. Ha.) But once I learned about certain casting spoilers ), this just... happened and I have no idea what to do with it. I think part of it had to do with the disappointing lack of Coulson.

So I'm posting it here and going back to the prompt I should be writing.

Spoilers for the very end of the Captain America movie, by the way. )

*shrug* I don't even know.
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First off: I feel bad for all the people who were taken in by Harold Camping, and I know he's not representative of most Christians. Glad the world is still here.

Second off: On a lighter note, I present one of the best trailers I've seen this year.

Seriously. Watch the whole thing.
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So I posted apologizing for being MIA and said I'd be catching up on comments and then... promptly disappeared again. Heh.

Well, my earlier comments still stand. I just spent the weekend visiting family and enjoying the last of the warm weather we're going to have for a while. So I didn't get a chance to post about my latest TV addiction.

Putting the back half of the house together has been a slow process, partly because I've been using the opportunity to reorganize while I'm at it and partly because stuff keeps disappearing randomly. I still can't find my second Wii nunchuck. In the meantime, I've been watching a lot of Netflix Instant play because hooking up the Wii to the small TV is a lot simpler and quicker than assembling the VCR/cablebox/ big TV/ corner TV stand. Last Friday night, I was idly scrolling through stuff to watch and wasn't in the mood for anything on my queue. So for the heck of it I decided to see what titles Netflix thought I would love - if nothing else, I figured it would provide me with a good laugh.

At the end of the list, I found Season 1 of Slings & Arrows.

I remembered hearing about the show a few years back when I was in an RP that had a Geoffrey and an Ellen and was amused that Paul Gross (Fraser of Due South) had gone from playing a straight-laced Mountie to an unhinged theatre director. Curious, I decided to start watching, and had finished off Season 1 by Saturday afternoon. (Each season is only 6 episodes long. I did get some sleep in between.)

I can't believe it took me three whole years to start watching the show. The premise is right up my alley, Shakespeare nut that I am, and brought back a lot of fond and not-so-fond memories of Tech Weeks past. The series revolves around a Shakespearean theater festival and its constant troubles, which involve a fairly unhinged artistic director, the ghost of the former director, and the business manager's tendency to be constantly led around by the nose by his corporate sponsor.

Seriously, just watch the trailer - it explains Season 1 better than I can.

Also, to all the friends who were Due South fanatics back in high school: I finally understand how hot Paul Gross is. Seriously. I caught a few episodes of Due South when it was on, appreciated how good he looked in uniform, but after watching him in Slings & Arrows, I finally get it. I am so sorry I never had the chance to see him do Hamlet in the Stratford Festival, because damn. We were two years too early, [ profile] jennies.

Anyway, if I've piqued anyone's interest, all three seasons are available on Netflix Instant Play. Each season is six episodes long, so it's not an incredibly long viewing experience. (I will say that Season 1 picks up in the second episode - the first is largely setup, exposition, and a way of showing how blah Oliver's direction has become...) Also, the theme song will get stuck in your head, fair warning.

Sorry for the shameless plug, but I've been sitting on this for a few days and haven't been near the computer to post about it.
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This is the best review of The Last Airbender I have ever read. EVER.

The critics have nothing on Azula. XD

ETA: Link goes to an RP journal. [ profile] sharpasfire is awesome.
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Catching up on the Leverage episodes I missed while I was on vacation, and I must say this:

"The Inside Job" is now my absolute favorite episode. No, really. Hands down. "The Wedding Job" is still the funniest, "The Two Live Crew Job" is the crowd-pleaser, but damn this one was good.

Admittedly, I might reshuffle my favorites later, but that was my first thought after watching the episode.

Without major spoilers, a quick list of why it's awesome:
- A metric ton of background for Parker
- Major character development, too; I'm not sure Season 1 Parker would have so readily insisted on staying and doing the right thing. Agreed to it, yes, but she wouldn't have been the first to insist on it.
- The infamous Sailor Moon cosplay shot. I think I've seen that guy or his twin at Otakon.
- One of the most vile antagonists in a while. The scale of what she was planning to do was over-the-top, but... I can imagine a corporation trying something like it on a smaller scale and it creeps me out.
- Richard Chamberlain is fantastic and his guest shot was an incredibly significant role and not just a walk-on.
- Some guy named John Rogers did a pretty good job directing it.

I'm seriously considering just buying that one ep on iTunes.

Still cleaning and sorting through Greece photos. I just wanted to gush.
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I should probably preface this by mentioning that I've been making good use of the Elkridge Library's collection and catching up on all the Doctor Who I've missed. (Which means all of Season 3 and most of 4. And not completely in order.)

Having said that: I just finished watching "Blink" and was surprised and impressed. No, really impressed. Thought I was getting a filler episode with almost no David Tennant, but it was a neat, twisty, suspenseful episode. On top of all that, the Weeping Angels were genuinely creepy. No, really. I have very rarely been able to say that. And not just in a shock-value OMG-there's-suddenly-a-giant-wasp-trying-to-sting-Agatha-Christie sort of way, either.

Kind of interesting to note that in a series where you have tons of giant bug aliens, robots and monsters, the antagonists that really manage to creep me out are the ones who we never see move, who appear as frozen statues onscreen. That's not just because sometimes the aliens and monsters in the series can be just plain cheesy. The real chills always come from what you don't see.

Also, young DI Shipton? Cocky, but still hot.

Yep, two-years-late Doctor Who episode fangirling. That's all. Carry on.

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Not even the usual flailing and rambling's going to cover the initial reaction here, folks. Going to have to actually re-read and review this and that has to wait til I get home.

Note to [ profile] jennies and those who don't know the history of the past two Blue Beetles - reread issue #8 before reading the last page. Otherwise, it will NOT MAKE SENSE. (No, I'm not explaining it here.)

ETA to family: I'm fine. Let me fangirl over one of the few comics I read. I'd give the blow-by-blow of how today was crazy and how I stayed on top of it anyway, but I wanted to actually post something positive instead of more work boring.
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Okay, so, I don't think anyone on my friends list has played Phoenix Wright. If you haven't, you will probably NOT fall off your chair laughing at this like I did.

No, you will probably snicker at the animation and silly anyway, be impressed at how it's all hand-drawn and watch the credits to figure out who all these people are. This is the most hysterical and cute Phoenix Wright animation I've ever seen.



It's all about the parrot! THE PARROT WAS BEHIND IT ALL! XD
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So I caved and ran out on my lunch break just to pick this up, and read it in the car. The solicit and the cover are TOTALLY misleading, people. In a good way.

I do not have time to give this issue the gushing tl;dr love it deserves. So a couple quick thoughts follow.

'No. This is about the point when Ravager tries to stab somebody and Robin starts that grind-y thing with his teeth. You're way cooler.' )

Okay, it's official, I've pretty much forgiven John Rogers for any involvement he had with that Catwoman movie.

ETA: Two nitpicks that are probably the letterers' doing. )


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