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Where have I been the last two weeks? WORK IS INSANE. That is all. At least, according to everyone I've asked, this kind of chaos is NOT normal for even most emergency releases.

Also, yes, I'm on Facebook. Because this week's assignment involves joining a social networking site (specifics should be posted later) and work is not blocking Facebook yet.

Also, I read the last Blue Beetle, and it makes me kind of sad to type that. (EPIC SPOILERS) )

Damn, it's 10 already. Oops.

Also, why it's taking three weeks for LiveJournal to fix comment tracking is beyond my comprehension. Then again, that's what happens when you cut your staff short. *sigh*


Nov. 13th, 2008 08:14 am
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I guess it was inevitable given the economy and the rash of cancellations at DC, but they're cancelling Blue Beetle.

On the one hand, I'm grateful it ran as long as it did. On the other hand, it just makes me sad to see more good titles be cast by the wayside because the mainstream continues to support the mediocre. I'm not mad at the DC editorial staff about this, I'm just disappointed in general. (Although I really think that cancelling the title just as the Brave and the Bold cartoon comes out is a bad plan marketing-wise; they're pulling it just as they have an awesome opportunity to promote it widely.) I really wish they could have waited for Sturges to get through the next story arc after "Boundaries" - the fallout of Khaji Da sharing the idea of nonviolence and free will and everything with the other Reach scarabs would have been a really interesting read.

Although, seriously, DiDio, a word of advice. After a 20-question interview where you discuss the fact that you're axing half a dozen titles, some critically acclaimed and some with decent sales (I mean, come on, the Nightwing cancellation's an RIP gimmick if I ever saw one), that is not a question you really want to pose to fans.

ETA: Okay, can someone please explain the phenomenon of some fans taking delight in this cancellation because they didn't like the character and miss old characters (not just Ted)? I mean, I understand not giving a damn in that case, but... what's there to take pleasure in from the cancellation of a book you don't care for if it doesn't affect the stuff you do like and read? I don't get it. I've heard it from a couple people whose opinions I otherwise respect, too - it's not just trolls expressing this sentiment. The mind boggles.
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Breaking radio silence for... comic book rambling.

I know, I know, but BB #29 FINALLY came out and after months of praying that the new regular writer wouldn't suck, I can't not throw out my first impressions.

To put it succinctly: I'm going to give Sturges a chance.

'Whoa-- there are some people who should NOT attempt a Power Girl costume.' )

So... could be interesting. We'll see. And hey, lunch break is just about over.
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Okay, con journal is still pending. Work is INSANE since we all just hit the "ohshitwe'regonnadie" homestretch. Also, my cell phone vanished last night, and after finally concluding it was lost/broken/stolen (I called it, and it was turned off. I never shut it off and the battery was good), ran around trying to find and activate my old phone for the month remaining on my contract.

Also, picked up Blue Beetle #28. ...I am once again grateful that Will Pfeifer is NOT the regular writer. Not going to go into details, but I don't think anybody was in character, and I saw the big "twist" coming miles away. Also, the resolution? Was ridiculous. Seriously, Jaime was a hell of a lot more in character in his Manhunter cameo and that wasn't even his own book!

Sturges had better be good. I realize John Rogers is a tough act to follow, but after the two months of Pfeifer-penned suck I'm missing his work on this title even more. If the quality continues to go downhill, I might actually drop the book.

Anyway, back to fighting with image uploads now.
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So I was a lunch break ninja and picked up the new issue while running errands at lunch (had to hit the pharmacy anyway). Then I came back to work to find out that a lot of resources we needed to use had crashed utterly.

I... actually don't have a lot to say about the use of Spanish, surprisingly enough. Cut for spoilers and translation of completely random Scarab-speak.

Jaime is getting hit in the head, so everything's normal here. )

The bottom line? Not bad, although there are several things I'm not sure about that don't necessarily have anything to do with the language. Also, Jaime's abuela rocks.
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Okay! Here's an actual decent batch of icons from BB #25. Some of these can be used as bases, but even so PLEASE credit; I did mess with the clone brush quite a bit to get rid of speech/thought bubbles in some places.

So much awesome. 28 icons below the cut. )
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Hahahaha WOW.

I could just spam this post with lines of ♥ ♥ ♥ to illustrate my reaction to this, but you get the idea. I'm so gonna miss John Rogers writing this book, I am. But damn, what a note to go out on. XD

For those of you who can't get to your LCS today, PM me. I'll be home in a few hours.
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Sooo... I did promise something resembling a coherent review for BB #24. And I intend to deliver. But my squeeing resulted in Mom giving me a prelude: why get so excited over a comic book?

Here's your answer, Mom, and this issue embodied all the reasons why I adore this series. (Cut for moderate spoilers and a lot of tl;dr) )

Yeah, yeah, real review coming. But this had to be said.
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Not even the usual flailing and rambling's going to cover the initial reaction here, folks. Going to have to actually re-read and review this and that has to wait til I get home.

Note to [ profile] jennies and those who don't know the history of the past two Blue Beetles - reread issue #8 before reading the last page. Otherwise, it will NOT MAKE SENSE. (No, I'm not explaining it here.)

ETA to family: I'm fine. Let me fangirl over one of the few comics I read. I'd give the blow-by-blow of how today was crazy and how I stayed on top of it anyway, but I wanted to actually post something positive instead of more work boring.
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So I caved and ran out on my lunch break just to pick this up, and read it in the car. The solicit and the cover are TOTALLY misleading, people. In a good way.

I do not have time to give this issue the gushing tl;dr love it deserves. So a couple quick thoughts follow.

'No. This is about the point when Ravager tries to stab somebody and Robin starts that grind-y thing with his teeth. You're way cooler.' )

Okay, it's official, I've pretty much forgiven John Rogers for any involvement he had with that Catwoman movie.

ETA: Two nitpicks that are probably the letterers' doing. )
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This will probably not be as long as my usual rambling, since everyone has covered most of the bases already.

For me, Quesada's decision boils down to this: EXTREME NARRATIVE LAZINESS. )

...okay. I lied about it being brief. But that's all I'm going to say on this topic and go back to cleaning now.
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So for a while there I was all antsy because I was afraid John Rogers would kiss Blue Beetle goodbye after Year Two wraps up with issue 25. Which would make me very very sad, as his writing is one of the main reasons I love the book so much. The few guest issues this book's had have been good, but you can still really tell when he's not writing it. And since the last he mentioned the future of BB, only the first two years had been plotted out and he hadn't mentioned Year Three or the possibility thereof. Given that comics can go from Awesome to Suck with the drop of a hat or the change of a writer or editorial policy... well, I was worried.

And then [ profile] narm00 pointed out an entry in John Rogers' blog.

Numfar, do the dance of joy!
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So, quick comics post while the source integrity app mocks me. Picked up my comics during lunch today, including BB #21, and here are my brief initial thoughts after reading the book over my lunch break:

Spoiler warning even if it is a filler issue. )

I got an even nicer surprise in my box: Bad Guys #1! And I didn't even have to nag the guys at the comic book shop about it. XD

*off to class*
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*flails some more*

I called it. I didn't expect my predictions to come true. DAMMIT I HATE BEING RIGHT.

Major spoilers beneath the cut.

Yes, this incoherent ramble took two days to write, I blame trying to write this in intervals during training class. Which is also why it's not that concise.

'My ring still says you're a monster.' 'Well, my scarab says you're a #*#$&, so we're even.' )

As I said, the above would be more concise if I hadn't composed it in between intervals in training class while trying not to go completely insane. Discuss?
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Picked up Blue Beetle #19 today. Contrary to what I'd heard from people, this was not a filler issue. No way, no how. Seriously, when the main plot twist has been looming ever since issue #6, you can't call it filler.

Since I'm not coherent, I'll just list my thoughts chronologically.

'Hard Truths' (aka 'The One Where Brenda Finally Finds Out') )

In short, the Big Plot Twist was handled well even though the foreshadowing was a bit heavy, and as usual this title doesn't disappoint. Filler issue my ass.
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I was driving home from work a few days ago and noticed that the consignment shop I'd found a few months back - one that usually had some nifty stuff - was gone. I finally managed to pull in there so I could read the signs without getting rear-ended: "Closed for fire." ...I really hope they'll be able to reopen. I feel bad for being slightly relieved that it didn't say "Closed permanently" or something, though. *crosses fingers*

Picked up Amazing Spider-Girl #12 and have flipped through it to confirm or disprove my fears. Not quite what I was afraid of. *sigh* Okay, Tom DeFalco is not on my hit list, but... I foresee a Giant Sucking Black Hole of Angst and Guilt for the next several issues. Arrrgh. I may want to take it off my pull list and get the third trade instead if that's going to be the case. Oh, and Moose is a complete freaking IDIOT.
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Note to self: read [ profile] scans_daily with care and with the expectation that it will COMPEL YOU TO SPEND MORE MONEY. I have finally given in and started looking for the TPBs of the new Blue Beetle, and it's primarily the fault of this post. (WARNING: Spoilers for BB #16, image-heavy, and do not drink anything while reading if you value your monitor.)

Also, no spoilers, but Amazing Spider-Girl #11 has officially made my brain try to escape out my ear. (WTF, DeFalco? Seriously, WTF?)
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So although I don't think anyone else on my friends list reads Spider-Girl, Cosmic Comix got the first issue of the gimmicky relaunch in today, and I wanted to air out my first-read thoughts. Cut for spoilers and for people who don't care. :)

First off, what I didn't like. )

Having gotten that out of the way, the important part:

Why I am definitely picking up Amazing Spider-Girl #2. )

Yeah, I'm going to pick up Amazing SG #2 when it comes out, because I am fairly intrigued. Hopefully, the explanation for Mona and the Glowing Green Bag of Doom will live up to the tease, May will put the webs back on (and I would not be surprised if she doesn't find it hard to get a costume given Peter's suspicions), Felicity will get a clue, Gene will either show his true colors or get written better, and May will get fed up eventually and get a haircut.

Hey, I'm allowed to have my pet peeves. Nyah. :)


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