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So around the beginning of December, I couldn't wait for the hotel to stop screwing around with the G2009 staff anymore, and set up the week-long San Diego trip with the expectation that G2009 would take place sometime around the end of June.


*sigh* I really don't want this streak of having to miss the LA cons to continue, but... I don't know what I'm gonna do now. Not only is it now two months later, but I think it's now scheduled on the freaking production weekend of the app I'm subteam lead on. Yeah.

I can't turn around and get my folks to reschedule the San Diego trip now. And I'm pretty sure I can't afford to take TWO week-long trips out to California in the same summer, especially in terms of taking the time off. ARGH!
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Which is probably all of you, really.

Any news on whether or not the G2009 date is still tentative? It's been tentative til the end of June, and, well-- I may not be able to make it if the hotel doesn't give the staff a straight answer pretty soon. I will probably be in the San Diego area around the tentative weekend date, at least. Hence the need to know so I can tell certain people who need to book tickets, et cetera soon when I can go. I've used the e-mail on the website, but haven't gotten any reply and it's been almost two weeks.

Help? Bueller?
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This part of the con report was composed in fits and starts while working on something else. Just to warn you all.

Also, the Blue Mug was on Saturday, so that part of this journal goes past the PG-13 rating, for those who care.

EDIT 10 pm EST: Did manage to get some quotes from the videos I taped during the Blue Mug. Which isn't bad for AVIs recorded by a digital camera.

Saturday, June 23rd: Greg Weisman is Not a Numbers Guy )

Again, if I got something wrong, let me know, I'm fixing these before I post them to Ask Greg. Check again, I just added new quotes to the Blue Mug!
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Okay, more of the con report. I didn't take extensive quotes this year, but you know what? Maybe that'll permit me to actually FINISH this one. If I ran into you and I left you out, please comment and remind me, I'm not posting this to Ask Greg til it's done.

Friday, June 22: 'Bad Guys is Love.' )
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Ugh. You know when you don't remember falling asleep, but you figure you must have because you're wide awake at 5 am and are fine getting to work and getting through work and then around 3 pm you start to CRASH completely and realize that you don't remember falling asleep because you DIDN'T fall asleep?

Yeah, um, part two of the con journal is pending. Sorry.

*throws a distraction at friends list and runs*

Instead, I give you Carmine in his natural habitat. )
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Okay, I'm going to take a crack at my G2007 con journal NOW rather than wait on it. Since I didn't have much of a brain for remembering quotes, and because I came back to work to find a landslide (and a retirement party/excuse to play volleyball after lunch, thank GOD), this might be less verbose and rambling than usual.

...oh, what am I saying? But I'll try to be concise.

A quick preface )

Thursday, June 21, 2007: Preparing for takeoff )

More later.
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Okay, I did say I'd post more of this. And now that I know people are reading it, I can't slack off.

Doing better. The cold has been beaten back, and I got almost all of my security deposit back from the apartment complex in spite of giving up on the apartment. Yay. :)

More importantly, yesterday was [ profile] blue_soulfire's birthday. I wished her happy birthday on e-mail, but tricked myself into thinking I'd posted it here too. Sorry...

Edit: Linking to previous parts because it took me so long to write up each one.
Part 1
Part 2

Anyway, on to Saturday.

Saturday, July 30

Panels and ticket prices, oh my! )

The SLG panel )

Charity Poker Tournament, aka Mandi Goes Crazy With the Quote Book )

Late-night shows and the aftermath )

I promise there will be more to come. :)
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Good Lord. I meant to be able to post this part on August 11th. Even with getting sidetracked by the pool party and Otakon, I had no idea it'd take this long. I'm almost afraid to see how long Saturday's going to get since this is just Friday's part of the con report - but I couldn't skim over the quotes!

Friday, July 29
Pre-con running around )

I did go to some actual panels, too. )

Opening Ceremonies: 'These are the people with nothing better to do.' )

Blue Mug-A-Guest, which gets its own cut because of its nature )

Geez. Think this was bad? I haven't even gotten to Saturday. :)
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Okay, here's the first part of the Gathering 2005 con report I promised. I only took notes for Friday, Saturday and Sunday - bad Mandi, no biscuit - so it'll be a bit disjointed.

This year's primary lesson - When attending a con in a place like Vegas, take off an ENTIRE WEEK. Five and a half days is not enough. Also, to everyone else who was there, if I drove you nuts playing with my hair, sorry. It's already a long-standing nervous habit, and the day before I left, I got fed up with my hair and had it chopped back to chin-length - about three inches shorter, which made the tendency even worse than usual.

Tuesday, July 26th

Or, the Day Mandi Went Crazy. )

Wednesday, July 27

Whee, time zones! )

Thursday, July 28

'Hey, people I haven't seen since last year!' *glomp* )

Next: The actual con begins, and I have notes to work off of instead of trying to rely on my Swiss-cheese memory. :)


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