May. 8th, 2011

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From the List of Things You Thought You'd Never Hear Me Say:

Ghost Trick for the DS is better than ANY of the Ace Attorney games. And I've played every Ace Attorney game they've localized for the US at this point.

It's got the crazy characters, hilarious dialogue, and complicated pretzel of a plot that I love about the AA games - but this game goes beyond that. The animations are the best 2D sprite animations I have ever seen, to the point that I actually went back and replayed Chapter 12 just to re-watch the epic results of trapping the minister's wife in her own chandelier. And the actual "ghost trick" puzzles are a lot more engaging and challenging than the wall-of-text logic puzzles of the Ace Attorney games. (It does also prove that escort missions, regardless of the platform and game genre, universally suck.)

I will be very disappointed in fandom if I don't see GT cosplayers at Otakon. And if any of those cosplayers can pull off Inspector Cabanela's dance moves I'll be totally impressed. THIS IS HOW THE MAN ENTERS A ROOM. HE NEVER WALKS NORMALLY.

*is now pondering a Lynne cosplay for Otakon despite her impossible hair*

Yes, I was up til 3 am playing it. I got to Chapter 15 and was going to go to sleep until OMGWTFSPOILERS happened, turned the entire game plot on its ear and then I had to play through to the end.


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