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LJ's new release? God, what a hot mess.

I've ranted about the "upgrades" at length elsewhere, but for the first time in 9 years I am seriously considering pulling up stakes and moving wholesale to Dreamwidth.

Now I'm not going to delude myself - I'm not a web designer nor am I an expert in Web usability. But as someone who's worked in Java development for ten years and has been bombarded with reminders of how important it is to design user interfaces for usability and for accessibility, this release and the staff's overall reaction to the feedback offends the hell out of me. So I can only imagine how low-vision users and those who need to rely on screenreaders, et cetera have been affected by this really ugly and glitchy "fix."

Of all the changes to the user interface, I've found exactly one detail that's remotely useful. (Comment tracking update, that's it.)

One change. ONE.

Everything else is a loss of functionality or usability.

Well, so much for not ranting here. But you get the idea.

I've already sent my feedback via the official form. I expect they'll ignore it. Apparently they ignored the beta testers who didn't like it, after all. Ugh.


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